Paper beats plastic? How to rethink environmental folklore @TED2013
The Secret Life of Things @GRID2013 Stockholm Sweden 

Presented at the 2013 GRID conference in Sweden this talk busts some common myths about sustainability, explores the secret life of everyday things and challenges the audience to solve a design problem through sustainability.  

What You Probably Didn’t Learn in Design School... @AGDA Conference USA

Presented at the 2013 American Graphic Designers Association annual conference in Minneapolis, this key note speech is a humours look at the issues with how sustainability is perceived in the design community. Leyla also explores some of the opportunities for design led sustainability. Leyla also talks about some of her creative communication works for increasing uptake of sustainability in and through design. (External Link to Video) 

Busting a Sustainability Myth: Paper vs Plastic Bags @ TEDx Sydney 

Presented at TEDx Sydney 2012 Leyla quickly breaks down the environmental folklore around what’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for the planet using the example of the life cycle assessment that have been conducted on plastic vs paper bags – you will be surprised at what the solution is!  Check out the stats and sources for this talk here 

Why we need to think differently about Sustainability @ TEDx Melbourne 

Presented at TEDx Melbourne in 2013 titled "Why we need to think different about sustainability" Leyla talks about unintended consequences, life cycle thinking, systems thinking and her personal experiences with learning about sustainability 

Interview with Michael Short in The Zone, The Age - 2010
The Secret Life of Things Animation 2010

From The Zone (2010) Leyla was interviewed by Michael Short and talks about the need for a '4th pillar' of social and environmental responsibility in the Design industry. Interview with Michael Short from The Age in 'The Zone' July 2010. Topics discussed include eco-design, life cycle thinking and sustainable consumption. View the full article >>

Award winning animation by Eco Innovators Life Cycle-ology explore the secret life of a little mobile phones who is experiencing an existential crises after being abandoned for a newer model. Project website

Eco-design in 6 minutes 
Crash Course series - 2011
Life Cycle Assessment in 6 minutes 
Crash Course series - 2011

This quick intro to LCA covers the basics and looks as how life cycle thinking can be used to make better environmental decisions especially in the design and product development process. Providing snippets of info on LCA/LCT taken from a 90 min lecture given to design students in Melbourne in 2011 the video explores taking a life cycle approach in product design and development and explores the issue of environmental folklore when making environmental decisions.

This 6 minute crash course covers a variety of the main design for sustainability strategies such as design for disassembly, longevity, multifunctionality and recyclability. Presented by Leyla Acaroglu who is a leading sustainability advisor on employing strategic life cycle thinking and eco-design approaches in understanding and reducing environmental impacts.