Launched 2011 / available in the iTunes app store / thousands of downloads / free to download and play
There are lots of myth about what is sustainable and what’s not, so we made an app to quiz people and bust some of those myths out there

Gamification is about using game design thinking in traditionally non-gaming situations. Its increasingly being used as a way of addressing shortfalls in education and as a powerful communication and engagement tool. We decided to develop an iPhone app using gamification as a way of overcoming some of the persistent myths about sustainability.  Developed as a 'downtime' game, the player is required to answer 3 multiple choice questions before unlocking a 30 second fun round where they have to collect as many recyclables items as possible. 

The game employs a number of processes to achieve the transfer of knowledge and key learning objectives. It is designed to be played only one or two times, before the player retains core concepts and information. The app has been downloaded thousands of times and has a 5 star review on iTunes. 

The app is currently only available as IOS and can be download for FREE from the app store

About the app:

Ever wondered how many litres of water it takes to make a beer or why a burping cow contributes to climate change? The Eco Innovators app is a mythbusting quiz style game designed to test your general environmental knowledge. Navigate your way through 3 rounds of multiple choice questions covering a range of topic areas.

But wait there’s more! This is a game-within-a-game. After each round a mini-game is unlocked giving you the opportunity to collect as many items as you can and score extra points that will help you become an Eco Innovators Champion before time runs out!

With 50 multiple choice questions covering a range of topics from eco footprints through to plastic bags and methane production, you will be able to test your knowledge, find out all the facts on how to make better environmental decisions, and arm yourself with some fantastic dinner party conversation!


- Over 50 questions on a range of environmental topics

- Facts and figures on every question

- Links to references and more information on each topic

- Bonus mini-game

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