Leyla Acaroglu

Director of Eco Innovators
Award winning designer, social scientist and sustainability expert Leyla Acaroglu

Dr. Leyla Acaroglu (A-jar-a-loo) is a passionate sustainability provocateur, design strategist and leading proponent of systemic life cycle based sustainability. She has worked with business, government agencies and educational institutes around the world on a variety of innovative and forward thinking sustainability projects. She is a designer, social scientist, strategist and educator with specialist skills in life cycle thinking and behavior change strategies.  

Her work has included the development of one of the first online life cycle assessment tools - 'Greenly', creative director of the award winning sustainability education project 'The Secret Life of Things', created the 'Design Play Cards' and in 2012 was an Artist in Residence with Autodesk.

Leyla speaks and writes internationally on a range of sustainability, design and innovation topics. She has had her work published in a host of design magazines and the The New York Times She lectures at a host of universities around the word, has a PhD in change-centric disruptive design from RMIT University in Melbourne. 

Leyla has been named one of Melbourn'e Top 100 People of Influence (2010), was a regular judge on the ABC show The New Inventors, a radio presenter, a finalist in the City of Melbourne Awards for her contributions to Sustainability and has won several awards including two Melbourne Design Awards and a CORE 77 Design award for her work. Leyla was invited to present at the TED2013 conference in Longbeach California. 

Leyla’s innovative and forward thinking approaches to communicating sustainability has seen her creative work be featured in a permanent exhibition in the Leonardo di Vinci museum in Milan, and her animations are part of Melbourne Now at the National Gallery of Victoria. 


Currently Leyla is based in New York, she founded the Un-School of Disruptive Design and is a visiting scholar at New York University. Leyla can be booked for speaking engagements here. 


"Creative force Leyla Acaroglu uses innovative design and systems thinking to create positive change".- TED.com



“Leyla is a formidable force, her passionate conviction and experience with both environmental science and product design and development give her a firm understanding of both the impact of product design on the environment and the solutions that can be applied to overcome them” – Jenny Lyon, Green Magazine

"Eco Innovators, is providing not only academics and students but also businesses with ways to embrace responsibility and sustainability in design" - Michael Short, The Age

“Leyla has an infectious ability and passion for seeing better ways of doing things and finding ways to do it. No challenge is too great for soultionary!" - Jason Kimberley, Founder, Cool Australia

"Leyla Acaroglu has become one of Australia’s most vocal eco-design advocates" - Dane Rule, The Age


"Leyla is an ambitious and dedicated person with a strong ethical compass, her work to date is evidence of her ability to achieve quality outcomes in every project that she takes on" - Trent Jansen, Award winning Designer


“Sustainability is chock full of highly passionate experts in the field, but very few have the ability to distill and communicate highly complex subjects in the way Leyla can - stripping away that complexity and presenting the details in the way anyone can comprehend and act upon.” - Al Dean, Editor Develop 3D

“Acaroglu doesn’t think socially responsible design should be driven by a moral imperative. Instead, sustainability is most powerful when thought of as ‘a parameter’ that fuels innovation” - Madeleine Hinchy, Powerhouse Museum